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Default Re: Who Controls Scientific Knowledge

Hey STT.

Dont know about the hollow Earth...but who knows.

Good thread.

If I may pop my 2 bobs worth in Poppins...

I worked for 4 years in ICU/E.D and general wards of the West Oz health care system.

I ended up walking out in disgust.

Some of my friends are top rated research scientists.

Health care is a money making exercise nothing more.

The stories I get told about the total made up lies of research scientists to gaurantee their funding makes me avoid any establishment articles.

Grass roots people are making the differences.

Trouble is that people love health care gadgets and dare I say it...people love being sick and in hospital.

There is a syndrome that people often experience after a spell in Intensive Care.

Because of the incredible amount of attention they recieve many patients become like 2 year old children when transfered to a general ward and are denied the previous level of ICU attention.

So many in this world including you and me are starved for affection and attention. We are starved for the feeling that we are important and are worth noticing.

In smaller societies where life was precarious individuals were valued. Individuals felt close to God and nature. They were 'somebody'.

I digress.
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