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Default The Real Present World Situation by Ogmios

The Real Present World Situation by Ogmios

Let us face something about world news in the English language from the mass media of America, Britain and Europe. It is virtually all rotten, twisted propaganda, misinformation and collective psy-ops to keep the stupid masses hypnotized and agreeable to their own destruction and deterioration. So we turn to alternative news on the Internet where we find extreme fragmentation of views on world problems and government oppressions. The alternative news items are both revealing and superficial, designed for quick turnover for distracted minds that seek only momentary revelations of facts. Truly deep and extensive thinking about what the evil New World Order (and similar groupings in Russia, China and India) is really up to only rarely happens, and still within fragmented focus and general distraction.

The actual Big Picture of the World is not happening in human consciousness even among those who know obvious things, such as that 911, 311, 7-7 and so on are inside jobs, or that the recent “Al-Qaeda Multiple Planes Bombing Plot” centered on Heathrow Airport in London is all a big political fake “terrorism” concocted and instigated by government agents to help the Neocons and New Labour politically, as well as to take some pressure off of Israel. These obvious maneuvers and cover-ups become sensationalized, just like the Israeli-War-Crimes-in-Lebanon, thus distracting from other ugly and wrong things going-on, such as the sickening and bloody situation in Iraq or the rigging of elections in Mexico and the United States. And these things in turn distract us from the real problems of accelerated Global Warming, the death of the World’s oceans from pollution and de-oxygenation resulting from ocean death of plankton and burning or cutting down of the rain forests in various stupid, corrupt and desperate countries like Brazil and Indonesia.

The interactive causal feedback loops of all government wrong-doing and global destruction of the environment in the total Global Problematique are not being looked at by the so-called “intelligent and concerned minority” who are endlessly out-voted by the brutally stupid and hypnotized “two-thirds majority” in North America and elsewhere. So, even the thirty-six (36) percent of Americans who know 911 was an “inside job”, are almost as stupid, fragmented and distracted as the utterly unconscious majority who can’t face it.

What Does Israel Really Want?

What was the real purpose of the ongoing war crimes of Israel against the common people and infrastructure of Lebanon and Gaza? Their destructive, immoral behavior has not solved their problems with Hezbollah or Hamas. The New Axis of Evil (America, Britain and Israel) were clearly up to something. World Oil Supply is still up for grabs. Maybe Israel wants ethnic cleansing of Lebanon and Syria so they can bring oil from Turkey directly to Israel. Wars-For-Oil is not an unlikely theme here. The evil and insane New World Order does not, after all, want to develop Clean Fusion Energy, so they have to conquer the Mideast and Central Asia to deprive China and India of oil, even though they are outsourcing their own industrial production to those same nations, which is rather self-contradictory.

Why False Terrorism Attacks on Air Travel?

The New World Order obviously wants to destroy all civilian air travel in and from America, Britain and Europe. Why? Maybe they want to conserve jet-fuel for their endless “War-On-Terror-For-Oil”. Even business travel gets increasingly savaged, further injuring the economy. So, they want to reduce wealth-creation and increase militarization and police state. They seem hell-bent on creating a situation in America, Britain and Europe like the old Soviet Union, complete with prison-camps for dissidents.

Why The Open Border With Mexico?

New World Order global military expansion into the Middle East will necessitate millions of soldiers. The North American Union of Canada, the United States and Mexico will supply the All-Oil-Conquering N.A.U. Army. Inhuman weapons, including lots of Depleted Uranium, will be used to commit endless War Crimes to depopulate the Mideast and Central Asia, which will also sacrifice the health of the new Mexican army. Also, Mexican gang-members like hurting people, so they will make an excellent New World Order army of subhuman bastards.

What Is The Bird Flu Really About?

It is a rather obvious New World Order plot to spread a deadly virus throughout the World through birds that would create a pandemic that would A. kill lots of people for depopulation and B. necessitate introduction of a universal vaccine with electronic tracking devices plus possibly injecting whole populations with AIDS or other designer viruses, such as we have seen being massively tested in Africa through UN vaccine injections.

So far, they have not been able to spread it adequately through natural bird-migrations, so they have been injecting bird flocks with it artificially to try to keep Bird Flu alive and spreading. They have also been working hard to develop a strain of it that will more readily leap across to humans. Even on the alternative websites they have some control over, they try to spread mass fear of a Bird Flu Pandemic, because that would make their lethal vaccines more acceptable to the stupid public.

What Does The N.W.O. Want From North Korea?

At this date, it seems that North Korea is being secretly squeezed and driven further and further into its own paranoia so that it will sooner or later launch all-out nuclear weapons attacks on South Korea, Japan and the United States, which would reduce population across-the-board, eliminate global industrial competitors and justify massive nuclear retaliation of some sort, at least against North Korea.

South Korea and Japan should understand that they are being set-up as sacrificial straw dogs.

Why All The Fixation On Bush The Moron?

George W. Bush does not decide anything. He is a mere puppet president of the Neocons. Dick Cheney is more of a genuine decision-maker but team-player of the Neocons. Cheney is vicious and stupid (just like Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice) but is far more able to use his twisted brain than Bush. When the alternative media criticize Bush’s “thinking”, “policies” and “decisions”, we have to ask what actual “thinking”, “policies” or “decisions”? What is more mystifying about Bush, who was installed twice as President of the United States through Neocon and Republican election-rigging in 2000 and 2004, is why has the New World Order put forth such a dumb, bumbling ex-chimpanzee as Leader of America? Their whole program would have had more credibility with pretty much any other politician in America.

Why Does the New World Order Want To Torture Innocent People So Much?

The increasing global torture network of America, Britain, Europe and Israel is not helping public relations throughout the rest of the world. The evil and insane New World Order obviously feels that it is in their interest to destroy and weaken all Human Rights on Earth. Why is that? Do they have some form of hidden, collective dark government Cult of Satanism (Illuminati) that wants to further utter harmfulness against human beings as a kind of collusional shared sadism? Or do they also feel they are creating a fear-weapon in the world of “See what can happen to anyone who opposes us?”? That would make it a very black Psy-Ops campaign. C.I.A. agents who have themselves been voluntarily tortured in the C.I.A. Torture School often make themselves into precision instruments of these heavy sado-masochistic tendencies within the New World Order. They are ways that Criminal Insanity within the American, British, European and Israeli governments can make Evil “up close and personal”. They were obviously just getting warmed up in Chile and Argentina.

Irreversible Global Warming and De-oxygenation

The New World Order is working very hard to increase Global Warming and De-oxygenation so that the entire planet Earth will be unable to support animal or human life in the near future. The horrible fact of Global De-oxygenation is one of the most avoided subjects in the Alternative media. Why is that?

Deliberate Instigation Of Volcanic Eruptions

There is growing evidence that the New World Order is utilizing HAARP and/or other atmospheric or satellite weapons to bring about volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tidal waves. This is also amazingly undiscussed in the Alternative News Media. Why is that?

The Obvious Hidden Pattern

It is clear enough, if you want the clarity, that the New World Order is carrying out a systematic destruction of the planet and humanity with no end in sight in the face of a fragmented and ineffectual Alternative Media that is itself increasingly infiltrated, perverted and weakened, both by deliberate N.W.O. invasiveness and the self-complacency of the Alternative Media itself. Most “good people who care”, like Cindy Sheehan, still imagine that legitimate democratic forces in America will turn things around for the better. But how, pray tell me, will the upper third of confused, fragmented and distracted Americans turn around the even more confused, fragmented and distracted lower two-thirds of Americans?

Good Change From Within Humanity Unlikely

Given the actual inner state of “consciousness” of Humanity, it is highly unlikely that a truly Good Change can happen in either governance or mass human behavior. So, we have to look at this horribly obvious truth and not look away from it. Are you, as a slightly thoughtful and aware human being, willing and able to do this? Humanity obviously wants unconsciously to suffer and to destroy Itself and the environment of the Earth. Can you see this? It is not just the evil and insane New World Order manipulators doing all the shit, for all that needs the unconscious cooperation of the human masses. Therefore, the very tiny minority of truly thoughtful and aware people on the planet Earth had better now shift to Plan B because Plan A (Internet Persuasion) is not working.

Something Like A Cosmic Miracle Is Needed

If you are bright enough to come this far, you realize that the Earth needs a Cosmic Miracle or perhaps a Benign Alien Invasion to put humanity under harmonious and ethical government from Outside. Naturally, as in the Roddenberry T.V. series, Earth: Final Conflict, there would be massive, stupid resistance to Benign Extraterrestrial Government, however well-intended on their part. There is also a real problem as to the actual nature and tendencies at work of our well-meaning Extraterrestrial Governors. They would not have to be Reptilian people-eaters to still incidentally have some mistaken tendencies or outright incompetence in dealing with human nature of the Earth. So, even with a Cosmic Miracle or Benign Extraterrestrial Takeover, there would still be a rough road ahead to establish harmonious evolution of the Earth and its ecosystem. Extraterrestrial Ecosystematics may not be fully transferable to Terrestrial Ecosystematics. Even great learning elsewhere might create inadvertent cognitive barriers in Extraterrestrial teams appointed to help out here with problems and intricacies that have not been encountered elsewhere. Our helpers-from-Outside would have to do some unlearning, deconstruction of their mental models, in order to reconstruct their learning here.

In a way, the whole Earth is like Panama, where “no good deed goes unpunished”. So, just getting rid of the present nasty assholes of the New World Order would only be a tiny step forward into a future for humanity that could really work. There is just no point in getting too excited about a possible Divine and Cosmic Intervention, given the actual nature of both terrestrial humanity and extraterrestrial humanities. You might also want to notice that so far the Gods who rule the Earth and secretly control the so-called “Evolution Of Humanity” have been creating a lot of sustained stupidity, incompetence, catastrophe and pain on the Earth from before-the-beginning. It seems that the supposedly Omnipotent All-ruling Deity has a fucking mean streak of patient, long-term sadism Himself. Either that or He is not quite as Omnipotent as we would like. So, God has a dark, nasty side or He is weak and too easily opposed by dark, nasty forces.

The only way we can compensate personally for this God Problem is to try to become Superhuman Gods as soon as possible ourselves through Yoga and Self-realization and not expect much help from our usual God or Gods who run the shitty show on Earth and even beyond on only slightly less painful planets in our generally fucked-up Galaxy or the neighbors in Andromeda. Our own potential Godself Realization is the only truly decisive lever we have on our destiny, whether on Earth or through reincarnation in extraterrestrial bodies elsewhere. An internal sense-of-cosmic-direction is our ultimate weapon against all divine and cosmic incompetence everywhere. Meditate on this and do not be a gullible fool! There is always another Ruling Deity in the System next-door on any scale. And there is always some divine hang-up even there. All divine omnipotence and evolutionary competence are relative. The Whole of Existence is an infinite school for both Gods and men. This is the Cosmic, Infinite Truth if you want it! It may be a little scary at first, but sooner or later you will have to jump into the Cosmic Ocean and get wet-all-over.

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