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Default Re: Things Are Getting Curiouser And Curiouser Down Under

truebeliever wrote:
The NWO has it's big fat eyes glued firmly on Oz.

Oz has been earmarked as playground and last resort 'bunker' for the NWO Heirarchy and loyal lackeys.

Yank bashing is in and some great dust up's are to be expected with such a huge influx of drunken loud mouthed Yanks who are yet to realise that drunken loud mouthed Australians always win in hand to hand combat.

Bunker For WW3
With a low population, stupendous resources of EVERYTHING. Cheap housing and land. Fantastic lifestyle and well away from every one, the once cursed Convict Island is having the last laugh. From convict island to Elite hang out in just 200 short years.
With a great influx of the well to do from Europe and the U.S as things go to shit around 2012 the local economies will boom.
Apart from the obvious booms in goods and services there will also be plenty of work for house cleaners, waiters, child sex rings, drug dealers, security gaurds and male prostitutes.
The Sydney Gay Mardi Grar (spelling?) will be bigger than ever and the Mossad will be cleaning up on the Ecstasy market.

There you go fellow Oz dwellers. Life in the short term is going to actually be very good. That is only if you dont mind losing your soul whilst counting your money.

The only good thing is theres still time to secure some cheap land and build your own bunker. If you're as cynical as me that is. Of course some call me a realist.

You always make me laugh TB, In a GOOD WAY. ;-) int: I enjoy reading your insight into the (last days scenario) being played out before the world. I disagree that OZ will be the Bunker Playground of the ruling elite, I'm inclined to believe that New Zealand or perhaps some (unknown island) out there that NOBODY knows about is their LAST DAYS refuge.

I hate to say this, but, WW3 will have China invading OZ with some 100 million troops, and then occupying your land. America will be stretched too thin worldwide militarily to help you folks out. :-? I would suggest preparing for the worst of times, as predicted many thousands of years ago. :-o (of course lets hope I'm wrong.)
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