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Default Republicrats/Demicans...

As bad as the REPUBLICRATS are right now, I still would'nt trust the DEMOCRATS in charge.
For the Foreigners reading this, they're the real American COMMUNIST party, and I know the POLITICAL JUNKIES right now are saying they're both the SAME! I say NO! At least the REPUBLICRATS (Republicans) have a small core of real conservatives in Congress who oppose the NWO, The problem is you have'nt done your homework to figure that out yet. Do you want me to name the ANTI-NWO Conservatives in Congress, they number around 130 or so, people like Ron PAUL and others have been kept silenced by the MEDIA GIANTS as well as the controlled internet media, (you just can't figure that out.) The Democrat Party is TOTALLY INTERNATIONALIST SOCIALIST ANTI-AMERICAN! And the ruling PHONY conservatives like G.BUSH and company are the same DEAL.IMO!

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