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Default Re: Things Are Getting Curiouser And Curiouser Down Under

You always make me laugh TB, In a GOOD WAY.
I hope so. If we lose laughter we're stuffed.:-)

Oz is earmarked though and stupendous growth is happening here. New Zealand is indeed being flooded by many of the rich and shameless but she is still an Island in need of many things from Oz. She lacks self sufficiency whereas Oz lacks nothing.

Dont get to gloomy. I admit I tend to do this myself but their is evidence that the NWO program as we know it is OVER!

It is breaking apart all over as people simply

Take Italy. Towns their that have a history dating back 2000+ years are telling the beauracrats to f-off. Locals are making their towns "go slow" areas...No cars. NO McDonalds. NO rush. They demand "siesta's" and REFUSE to take on the 21st century.

Things like the European Union are FALLING APART as simple "refusniks" like local Italian cheese makers REFUSE to submit to draconian "one size fits all" standards for hygeine. They've made their world class cheese the same way for 1000 years and no dickhead in a suit with a peice of paper signed in The Hauge will change that.

This is just 2 small examples of how tradition and ties to people and place are overwhelming the one worlder beauracrats. They will have to kill us all and their are more of us then their are of them.

China too faces such immense internal forces of discord that it is on the brink of civil war in some areas. Who knows how many are dead in the Central Provinces as the government sends in DIVISIONS of police to quell riots as "progress" uproots 5000 year tradition.

The bow wave of the New World Order program threatens to swamp the ship that is pushing it's way through an ocean of common humanity. As they squeeze they will foster MORE and MORE resistence. Ordinary people will say NO! The "Christians" will realise that blaming Satan and waiting for the Messiah to set things straight may well be not on the cards...the NWO is not a "weather front" or a "gathering storm". It is not this "unstoppable force of nature". It is a set of plans laid out by ordinary people with access to the money supply. They will be defeated by ordinary people who simply

Like Dracula the bright light of the new dawning day is exposing the dark forces of power hungry mad men and just like Dracula they shrivel up into...nothing. They are shadows who rely on the darkness. Take it away as is happening on SO many levels at such a great rate and they are finished and we all end up wondering what the fuck we were so afraid of.:-)

We must gaurd against our own negativity brought on by feeling we are isolated and alone.

No will be able to proudly say to your Grandchildren that you saw the last gays of a 3000 year old conspiracy to enslave mankind. Now that is truly something.

Dont let the retards in suits get you down. Humanity will prevail and I personally refuse to be enslaved by such pathetic retards and common criminals. They make me sick and Satan deserves pity for recruiting such hopeless twits.:-)
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