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Default Re: Take 2 Steps Back, Relax, Sit Down, and think for a moment.

A good thread with thoughtful questions and responses.

1. As I said the world's people are divided more than ever in HUMAN HISTORY so how are you going to make people accept One World Goverment?
War...on a grand scale. 2/3rds of the Earth laid waste. Massive instant population reduction. Elite hold up in MASSIVE underground cities then emerging gradually over 10-20 year period.

Chernobyl was a test. 7 levels of safety were SYSTEMATICALLY stripped from that reactors protection systems. The EXACT SAME reactor RIGHT NEXT DOOR has been operating without incident since Chernobyl. Their is no defect in the design.

Scientists have continuously flooded the area taking recordings since day 1. Within 10 years background radiation levels drop to safe levels. Rare and endangered animals have returned to the HUMANLESS patch of Earth. The test was a success...remove the population, "Mother Earth" regenerates. Baby fur seals safe.

10 years is their vital period.

Of course...only if we let them:-)

2.In the U.S.A. there are some 100,000,000 private firearms, and some 30 to 50 million people who somewhat are aware of the One World Goverment movement, so what about them?
Once the economic collapse takes place and the chaos ensures, people will drop their fire arms to eat and then they'll sign up to smash any further resistance to One World Government as detailed by Thomas Barnett and "The Pentagons New Map".

Given the set backs the NWO/Political Zionists have suffered I would say it's going to be a rough ride for all.:-) Nothing is for certain now. "They", have so pissed off so many people and squeezed so hard that they are in for a fight.

3. The ILLUMINATI themselves in America have TRILLIONS invested in business and real estate, so why would they want to destroy America?
I personally think we should drop "Illuminati". Too comic book and in the end the "Illuminati" was founded by the Jewish Bankers along Freemasonic lines which is a "Jewish" invention. We should call the duck a duck and stop fucking about.

"They" dont have to destroy America. Just creat enogh chaos. "They" are moving their investments and manufacturing base offshore so what will be left to destroy? Rothschild and Co are the only people that matter. Small time billionairs dont feed at the International Financial Elites table.

We WILL be getting a New World Order. Presided over by the King Of Kings. Justice, compassion, love and peace will prevail as the heavenly Jerusalem encompasses the Earth. This criminal gang of malcontents cant compete with God.

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