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Evola is well worth reading.:-)

As for the "New Age". I personally LOVE it! The first and most profound "New Ager" was an obscure carpenter from an obscure town in an obscure out of the way land.

He stated wiered things like..."Verily, verily I say to you, the Kingdom of God is within you"! Also..."Yae! Ye are Gods"!

Now how "New Age" is that?

The Churches have failed to live up to Christs teachings save the less well known asthetic Monks of various sects and some of the Gnostics though they usually went WAY beyond the bounds of Christs teachings commiting real heresy. Just what the hell do we think the "Illuminati" is all about? That you can be a god on Earth? True, by following the humble "servant King" Christ and the 10 Commandments. If you'r lucky you might well have the Holy Ghost visit and then you will know first hand the love of God and the fact that you always have been and always will be...

Then I wont have to groan every time the next faddy new age flake makes an appearance on Oprah and Dr Phil with another wanky book about "Complete Hapiness" and getting rich for god.:-)
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