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Default Re: Welcome to SeC's Club Conspiracy

I can buy that. Here is my contention: I believe that individual people can be brilliant and worthwhile. I believe that the sum total of our species is malevolent and cancerous for whatever lies beyond us in any realm. If we do not have the strength to change this, we do not have the strength to survive. If we do not change this, whatever lies beyond us will not tolerate our survival as a species. A simple belief based on observation and common sense.
I hear what you're saying. I dont disagree with SOME of the nazi doctrine. "Woe to he who is weak" Adolph used to say.

The Churches have made "Christianity" into a pathetic and ineffectual slave to the State with the SOLE concept of "individual salvation" while ignoring the world around us.

Was Christ "secular"? Did He say to His followers..."dont worry about the hypocrisy and apostacy of the political and religious Elite. Lets all go meditate in the desert and give group hugs". Has their ever been a BETTER example of how a Christian should be then Christ Himself? Christ drew lines in the sand and said..."here, and no further". Enogh is enough and if Christian civilization wants to reinvigorate it's values to the point of making them ACTIVE in the time space world it has got to get out their and fight. When a man holds a gun to my childs head do I..."turn the other cheek"? Do I sit back and watch a Granny get raped and mugged by a Meth addict...pondering the spirtual and deeper nature of the experience...or do I crack his fucking head and save tha woman from evil? MAybe I head home and ponder it over a latte by the sea side but I will fucking do what a man has to do first.

In writing this I am shaking my low has the Church gone? How irrelevant has it become with it's controlling doctrine encouraging passivity in the face of evil? Awaiting our King to come wipe our arses for us. Why would He even come calling for such disempowered wimps?

The Church wonders how to get falling congregations back. It ponders how to get the kids out of the hands of the socialist/rat bag hands. Out of the hands of the ROthschild funded/foundation organised, limo riding Left child molesters? Easy...become fucking RELEVANT! Secularism is just that...ANOTHER 'ism', invented by those who wish to enslave us.

We see here in Oz a GIANT backlash and the idiot Churches have caught on. We have a debate raging RIGHT NOW about values and the passivity of the Church in the face of economic policies destroying the family and breaking down society.

About fucking time. Excuse my French.

Best to you and lets make the Church relevant again by taking back the lead HANDED to the Cult of socialism and the secret societies who were handed a gift when the Church decided it had no place on the streets where the action happens. A vacuum hapily filled by Satanists and new age charletans.

P.S...i feel much better now. :-)
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