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Default an experiment in writing

although this might not be your kind of thing, I'm having fun with it.
but I would appreciate if anyone could ad to it or even change it so it might sound better.

Citizens Duty to Oppose Tyranny and Reform Government

We Demand The Presidents Attention Herewith and henceforth
We Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident.
The Right of Rebellion/Revolution against tyranny has not been rescinded.
The Right to Critisise our Government has not been Rescinded.
We Also Do Not Surrender Our Rights of Redress of Greivances.
We the Citizens of The United States of America, and Defenders of the Constitution, are prepared by all legal means accorded to us in The Declaration of Independance, to revolt against your actions, (George Walker Bush), that under your defense of this Country you have usurped powers that We, nor the Congress, nor The Supreme Court, ETC, have surrendered, and those that have given you power that they could not surrender, we also take offence of. We took to heart our belief that you had Taken an Oath to Defend the Constitution First and Foremost, and We as Citizens and Good Society Defenders will note and show herein to be true, that you have falsly positioned yourself as presiding King, if not by name but by action, and this cannot stand in a Free and Just Society.
It is troubling to us that there are those that under the weight of Perjury and its consequences, will by Grand Jury declare that they had heard you state that, "The Constitution is just a God damn piece of paper".
This is the First Charge against you and you are in Obligation to redress for your defence, If you wish to state that this was not said by you, Grand Jury Proceedings should begin imediately to remedy this accusation of treason, whether by your hand or by the precident of the Laws of this land.
Secondly, You are charged with preemptive war, which you were not legally entitled to do so.
Third, You took an Oath to Defend this Country from all powers, both foreign and domestic, but you stand charged with consorting with these same powers for profit, Part B, you are also charged for unwarranted secrecy against the peoples of this land for the purpose of profit against the Citizens of this Country. IE, it is in this Countries best interrest to know what had transpired during the Energy Commission that occured under your watch, We demand these records be declassified, and within the publics reach.

Still a work in progress..., What would you ad to this Citizens Decree of Impending Impeachment Proceedings?

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