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Default Re: Australian politics and the Jewish community

Jews have been individually active in a range of Australian political parties and social movements, including the environment movement; feminism, gay and lesbian rights; anti-war activism; trade unions; Aboriginal rights; and refugee issues. The perennial question is to what extent these Jews represent specifically Jewish concerns and values, or just themselves.

...and they are generally not interested in traditional conservative concerns such as the monarchy, abortion, the traditional family and so on.
Hmmmmmm...seems like the sort ofpeople keen to overthrow "thrown and alter". Maybe even foment a revoloution? I will have to read up more on this interesting segment of the population in Australia. My instincts tell me to keep a close eye on them.

The question of Jewish roof bodies speaking on behalf of the Australian Jews is equally complicated. Suzanne Rutland has noted that the existing groups often function more as a plutocracy rather than a democracy given that they have sometimes excluded minority groups.
But, but, but...jews SURELY would'nt be guilty of "hate crimes" would they?:roll:

Nevertheless, the ECAJ, state boards and community councils can reasonably claim to represent the entire spectrum of Jewish political and religious positions whether they are speaking about Israel or anti-Semitism or on broader local issues such as Aborigines, refugees, or racial and religious tolerance. However, they need to have professional funding to do this job properly. It is incredible that the ECAJ seems to have only one full-time researcher.
Melbourne jews short of funding? Why do I somehow doubt that?

The Zionist Federation of Australia (ZFA) also represents a range of Jewish opinion, but I personally feel that it should restrict its political interventions to Israel-related matters. This is partly because many Jews do not support the traditional Zionist objective that all Jews should immigrate to Israel and hence do not define themselves as Zionist. But it is also because a movement concerned primarily with the welfare of Israel, rather than Australia, may reasonably be seen as unrepresentative on local Australian debates. On the latter issues, the ZFA should simply defer to the ECAJ.
I'll be keeping an eye on this little lot. Will take a few photo's of their premises. Make sure they ar'nt up to mischeif. I want all extremsists under Feddie Obsveration...especially this lot.
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