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Default The power of dreams?

You hear about people who have had dreams, that a calamity or something will happen, in atleast one case I know of, it seems it sometimes happens. The instance I'm thinking of is of a woman in Wales I believe had a dream of a large black mass coming over her town, with many people dying from it, later I believe the next day the mountain that the town rested below had a complete landslide and it covered the town, and covered the school killing most of the children.
I also know that so many claim to have had insight on approaching calamity, but most of these are proven they were liars.
The question is when you have a dream or nightmare and it seems eerily real, would you keep it to yourself, or would you feel that you would have to tell someone, even if its a family member?
Personally I had a dream that a good sized meteor or comit had hit near Acapulco, later in the week I read that Russian scientist were claiming that a meteor or comit had a good possibility of hitting the earth in very short order, and although they believed it would hit somewhere else, I thought it was strange, because I had my dream before I had seen the story.

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