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Default Re: The power of dreams?

Yeh it"s funny is"nt it.

Consult Carl Jung and "Synchronicity: An Accausal Connecting Principal". He worked on this after friendships with Einstein and especially the Quantum theorist Wolfgang events seemingly UNCONNECTED in the time space world are CONNECTED by "meaning" that the individual "feels". Like when you think of someone and then they call etc...

I posted a VERY spinny thing a while back. I had knocked off work and went to get some drinks. The cardboard carrier had an "all seing eye" on it like the Egyption Sun God style. I took a photo of it with my phone camera. I found this meaningful because I had only just been thinking about how I was sick and tired of all the conspiracy crapola and wanted to just work and forget it. I then went to a mates place and he was there with a jewish friend who just happens to be ex-IDF fighter pilot and currently working for Oz Defence Industries installing electronics in combat equipment. And guess what this jewish-Zionist Mossad agent had on his t-shirt? The EXACT same Egyptian all seeing eye. I nearly fell over the feeling was so powerful.

You can guess the conclusions I drew. :-)

Dreams unfold of their own accord. Try drawing what you dreamt and wait for further "co-incidences". Then trust your instincts.

Maybe God is trying to get you to up and move to a far away place to avoid catastrophe...maybe the Oz south coast? :-( :-D

P.S - At exactly 6pm my time...5 hours before 9-11. I said to my flat mate these EXACT words..."Im feeling better about things these days. Funny though, i cant help but feel something bigs up. Something that will make everyones jaw drop".


My "feelings" and "intuition" have led me to a place with a name that translates to..."Faith and hope in the future". It also just happens to be a place built up by U.S interests as the best place to sit out Armageddon back in the 50s. I had no knowledg of this till I got here.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Best.
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