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Default Re: The power of dreams?

Thats deffinately odd!
I also saw something very weird when I was about 10, and I was awake at the time.
I was walking up from my grandmas house with 4 other family members, we were going to check out a dirt road in front of a school that was just paved, on the way up the hill I had found a plastic four leaf clover on the curb, we got to the freshly paved road one block up and started to walk down it when we all heard something and distintcly looked back over our shoulders and right above the school a meteor? exploded, my aunt quickly said that the explosion looked like a dragon, and I got a good look at it to, and it did look like a perfect rendition of a dragon, multi colored but perfect, at the time I asked my Grandpa to remember the date , because I felt so odd about it, anyways later in life I thought back about this and I thought that it was also strange that the schools name was souers, pronounced sours, and thought about the bible where it talks about a dragon falling to earth and the waters turned sour, later my aunt says she never said that, shes one of those phoney christians now, another strange thing about it was the fact that my grandmas closest neighbors last name was Bible.
I lived with this strange occurrence for quite a few years, and it never ceases to amaze me.
I also had some other strange things happen in my life that I still keep to myself, for fear of being locked up, but still contend they did occur!
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