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Default The big question for you all!


Welcome and thanks for reading! I’m Vlad and I’m afraid we’ve got off on the wrong foot. With some of you, at least. I’ve tried to make you interested by teasing you. It’s my fault, so I apologize.

I’d like to outline now my view on conspiracy and ask for your opinion on it.

History could be largely parted in two: the modern times and the “Ancien Régime”. The latter reffers to prerevolutionary France, but can be easily extended to all history back in time until the Fall. The temporal line between these periods can be traced somewhere at the end of XVIII century, when “some” revolutions took place: the French, the American and the Industrial. Well, some may even go back more than a century earlier, to English Civil War.

Here comes our prejudices and fake knowledge. I learned like you all in school that our times are the most glorious, while the old times were those of unceasing war, bigotry, famine, epidemics, ignorance etc. That we have the luck and the privilege of civilisation; we’ve put all those terrible things behind us and we are heading towards a glowing future. Surely, we encounter difficulties on the way, but we are able now to overcome them.

So, according to the official doctrine, the modern man is educated, civilised, peaceful, confident, open-minded, while the other was some sort of a fanatic troglodyte. Now. How would you take it if I’d tell you, as you’ve already guessed, that although there is some truth in it, things are actually the reverse? Not too well, I’m afraid. I’m sure I wouldn’t, if I were you, although … here is the big problem … I’ve come on this forum to find out new things, so nothing should seem too extraordinary to me.

How should I put it to you to make you give it at least the benefit of a doubt? I know I haven’t made a good impression to the most of you, so things are even more difficult. It’s the key of my message, so if I blow it, I may go as well to ruminate on my own the ultimate truth that I think I’ve discovered. It’s not a question of who’s right and who’s wrong, or who have read more books and now is showing off. It’s something so big that I cannot keep it to myself; I must at least know what others think about it.

I must have grown a little fond of you in a very short time (I wonder why?), otherwise I cannot explain why something initially intended to be just a casual experiment, like “Well, let’s see what folks would say if they hear it. They didn’t buy it? Well, too bad. It means that nothing could prevent the disaster, so I’d better go on with my life, because hey! the end isn’t here yet, so I’d better enjoy the little time left”, become so important to me.

So I beg you all, please, reply me whatever you think of it, whether you think it is at least partially true or it’s not the kind of thing you’re on this site for. I need your feedback in order to know should I continue or not. If you want more details, ask me. If you don’t, ask me too! Please, don’t ignore it; if you want me out, grab your chance! The casual readers: don’t just stay there; come on, register, login and gimme your best shot! It’s free! You know, all revolutions started this way; and I assure you I’m as reactionary as one can be!

I wish I had “a way with words” and convince you …

There was a time when people would gather to tell each other fairy tales that they really believed. Honour was the measure of a man. People took pride in their deeds. There was a hierarchy, but it was natural. Aristocracy and clergy weren’t the degenerates you’ve been taught to believe they were or you see them today. There was pride everywhere, whether castles or cottages. There existed a true elite, at all levels of society. A good man couldn’t be kept down. He had a sense of direction and of proportions. He was a farmer, a fighter and a father.

The land was the law. People were so deep-rooted in land as they were high-reaching in their faith. The “axis mundi” passed through each of them, in spite of their “collectivism”. “Collective” meant then family and community. Mankind was slowly but surely travelling through time; tradition was its way.

There were terrible abuses then too, to be sure. There were wars and epidemics and so on, but … their civilisation wasn’t destroyed. On the contrary, it evolved (?) into our own civilisation. If those times were so terrible, how come we still exist, anyway? As the history books present the facts, mankind should be dead and buried long ago.

Then came the modern state. The process was longer in time than a few years of revolution: the Great Schism in 1054, the geographic discoveries, the commerce and banking, the Rennaissance and Reform … It was all the result of conspiracy.

It claims that it freed people. From what? From “superstitions” (i.e. religion), servitude, diseases, ignorance. Now comes the trickiest part for me. How should I show you that this claim is false? Is a terrible paradox for anyone to solve. I know that so many diseases were eradicated for good, there are no more religious wars (really?) and Inquisition, people are all literate (?), people are equal (this is the biggest lie of all) and a lot of great things have been brought by modernity. But at what price?

“The bigger the lie, the more is believed” was the cynical aforism that guided Hitler in his political ascent. It’s something so big, so all around us, that tends to take us over and become our own nature. And who has the guts to question his own nature?

I’m not professing to go back to feudalism; no, by no means. That was far from being a perfect society, but I claim that this society is EVEN FURTHER in its perfectionism. We are lost because we have forgotten where we come from. In the age of information it is possible to hide from people things so essential to them; to hide people from themselves, in fact. They’ve made us so proud (of what?) than we throw away whatever we cannot understand or we feel it might threaten our condition. It is ourselves who should we question first.

If you like to read more details comparing the two systems, go to the excellent site “INTEGRAL TRADITION” recommended by our friend Draken and read the materials there. You find it at:

My question to you is: are you ready to seriously accept such an idea, that we have in fact lost our way, with our well-being and all and have become cattle for Illuminati? Can you face such a challenge? In my humble (?) opinion, this is the ground for searching a real solution. This may be the starting point for an adventurous quest. Intellectually, of course, but - who knows?

Speak now and I’ll be silent for ever, if this is what you want.

One more thing, please. I came on this forum for ideas. I was willing to provoke discussions centered on ideas. So please don’t drift away from the point in your replies and begin some bickering between yourselves, as I’ve seen is the habit on all forums. If you go to the end of a thread you don’t know anymore what was all about when it started. Stick to the point, please.

Thank you and God bless you!

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