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Default Re: Tips For Identifying Disinformation Artists And Forum Disrupters

6. It must be emphasized that this process can be regarded as a game. It is a deadly serious game, but a game nonetheless. One is not insulting someone if one comes to the conclusion that this person is a conscious disinformation agent. A helpful analogy would be that of a football huddle. If one notices someone with the wrong color jersey in your huddle, the fact must be noted and corrected. Nothing personal. He is just on the wrong team, and our own team needs its privacy and trust to deliberate effectively.


This is the bit I love. It's just a matter of taking out the garbage. It's nothing personal. When the smell gets too bad and the front page starts to overflow with simply tie up the bag and throw it out.

The absoloute GOLDEN RULE is to NEVER converse with these people. Simply report them as they cannot help themselves as they "stalk" you around the threads posting mocking one liners. It could'nt be simpler and a real sense of satisfaction is had when we see the likes of a SKANSPIRICY banned and his ass whipped out the door like a dog with his tail between his legs.

I always appreciate your heartfelt posts and meaningful links to information. Just because I may not reply does not mean I do not read them.

Best to you.
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