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Default Re: the dark recesses of quid pro quo

I'm not sure if this has been a topic yet, so I'll bring it up now, after 15 years of china trying to get into the WTO, I find it convienent that two days after 9/11/01, they were accepted into it, and to ad to this sudden change of heart, china gets the steal from the trade towers, possibly a condition, IE, the tie that binds, that they wouldn't screw china over later on the WTO membership, and China kept much of this steal that had thermite traces on it as their chip in the game.

The question is what were they blackmailng America on in the first place, a couple possibilities,
1. The intelligence agency of China found out about the plan to blow up the towers, and they knew it was going to be done by those inside the bush administration.
2.If the Leo Wanta story is correct and 30 odd trillion is owed to them, they could have used this as a possible wedge, and we also gave them the steel to prove to them that China will have free will in their non floating currency, and trade agreements in America.
3.The Chinese had planned to go to the moon, if they did and couldn't find proof that America landed on the moon, our phony history would unravel.
We also have to ask why it is that Bill Clinton gave the Chinese our top secret nuclear missle technology.
There is also the question of the Panama Canal deal, if you read Confessions of an Economic Hitman, Bechtel, Brown & Root and others were trying to take control of Panama, in the end the CIA jackels killed the beloved Panamanian president, why did these globalist who tried to control the Canal Zone, let the Chinese come in and take possesion of it.
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