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Default Re: Who Controls Scientific Knowledge

LOL yes what a difference!

I like my fellow Australians in general. We are a very friendly people. I used to run a little backpackers and Europeans were always saying they could'nt believe how friendly and helpful Australians were.

We make terrible waiters though.

I think it's partly the fine weather and incredible wealth.

We hav'nt had the terrible struggles of Europe and even the U.S.

Our low population means their are less stressors to set people off.

And what of the beach? Who wants to fight when one can surf and swim in pristine waters...only spoilt by the 15 ft White Pointers currently hanging around. Oh well, they only bite a little bit.

We love to stick it to authority and yet drop everything to run off and fight other peoples wars and cant get enough of the Royal family.

Go figure :roll:
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