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Default An Open Invitation for PEACEFUL DIALOGUE with both SHADOWS.

Peace is Good.

I'm taking the initiative here to open some conversation with the Dual Shadows, I've read your post's and have analyzed your words, you are a little hesistant to post anything related to CONSPIRACIES I gather? Yet, I must ask why you both come to this forum? I'll understand why you possibly won't respond to my INQUIRY. (and that's cool.) I personally welcome any noobies here who are afraid to post about Conspiracy related subjects, to give it a shot, all of us here, at least the remaining "nutters" all started the same way almost. Sometimes you fear what others are going to think about you, (whether your nuts or something) TRUST ME. I sincerly doubt you'll find that here. If you decide to participate in actual TOPICS, I'll leave some topics here I'm interested in.

1. Politics (liberal, conservative, green party, libertarian, ect,)
2. Science Astronomy, geology, Botany, Free Energy, anything with science in mind. (even weird science)
3. Here's a TOPIC CONSPIRACIES (go figure)
4. Religion Christianity, Islam, Judaism, hell even Witchcraft. :-x
5. Last Days Scenarios, WW3, Meteor Blast, Plagues.
6. Social Issues Illegal Immigration, Abortion, Law and Order or Disorder, out of control Liberal Courts, ect..
7.Health issues holistic health care, alternative therapies, vitamins and supplements
8. MiddleEast Politics Iran, Iraq, Israel.
9. Music/Sports Ahhhh not really!
10.Other Stuff...

I'll add that I personally could post in any FORUM I choose, Above Top Secret, for example. but I CHOOSE this forum because I have more personal freedom to air my INSANITY, without having a Moderator stifle my opinions, Of course this comes with a RESPONSIBILITY towards the rest of the people here, And that I'm working on getting better. Good DAY.

P.S. Gotta go now, be back tommorrow or later today.

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