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Default Re: Tyrannical places in U.S. to avoid

I Like Old Threads.

That article is correct, however I'll add this so the numbskulls can learn what AMERICA used to be like.

The once great extremely CONSERVATIVE and CHRISTIAN WESTERN UNITED STATES OF AMERICA now has become a overflowing toilet bowl CESSPOOL resemblng third world countries. WHY?

Answer: I won't use the Z word so as not to offend the sensitive kooks here. Eastern Bluebloods of NYCity, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C. ect. The Elite, who despite building their tremendous wealth through Capitalism, are for the most part RABID COMMUNIST. The Eastern U.S. always has been a Liberal/Socialist/Communist Bastion of Stupidity.

The States of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts,ect. had been heavily Liberal Communist Minded, Now as Manufacturing and Industrial plants have been shut down there, due to America being sold down the river, the once Mighty Labor Union States are now being vacated, those states are losing population, not gaining, and where are all these COMMIE LIBERAL MINDED SPOILED UNIONIST moving to, you guessed it The WEST.

My home state Arizona, a perfect example of Liberal Communism destroying a REPUBLIC, Arizona used to be a EXTREMELY CONSERVATIVE state, and very business friendly and ENTEPENEUR friendly.

In the past 20 years the population has tripled because of the migration of Commie Easterners, as well as New AGE Flakes from California, this has utterly destroyed this beautiful state. Now huge parts of Phoenix literally resemble third world Mexican towns and cities, this because the Stupid ASS INSANE LIBERALS in charge refuse to protect the porous borders, (A requirement of not only federal, but state goverment) As I say over and over LIBERALISM is a death sentence to a REPUBLIC!
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