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Hey DC.

I originally came here to post something vauge just so I could see my name down the entire forum list but you make a good point and write from the heart.

I often get very pissed off with my fellow humans.

However I believe they have woken up more than we know.

The mainstream media and others make an extra special effort to make us feel like we're the only fools reading and talking about this stuff.

I meet people all the time who are aware.

Once things hot up a little more you'll see the world begin to react in a big way.

There is a term in psychotherapy called 'the point of optimul frustration'.

It is at this point the helpless and depressed client straitens up in their chair and says..."fuck this, i've had enough of being depressed, i've had enough of feeling sorry for myself, i'm going to live".

I've posted a peice by Alex Jones at

He gives encouragement by pointing out that if it was'nt for the giant unspoken internet community they would have locked us down.

I've reached a point of optimal frustration. I'm buying some camera equipment and organising some "conspiricy get togethers" over beer and a digital projector in a backyard.

Getting together with people is the key.

Grass roots movements dedicated to looking out for each other and knowing who the enemy is.

Best to all.

P.S You're all invited...BYO
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