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Default Re: Popular Mechanics

Yeh, right on Minuteman.

They have a good go at the "No Jet Hit The Pentagon" theory.

Mike Rivero of "What Really Happened" complains that only idiots believe anything other than a plane hit the Pentagon and is bragging that he warned the world the media would pick on this particular theory and use it to discredit the rest of 9-11.

My personal opinion is that the photographic evidence at the Pentagon indicates a 757 DID NOT hit the Pentagon.

As for the Pod People and missiles under the wings...get a life.

The Pentagon photo before the facade collapse clearly shows a nice neat cookie cutter hole around 20ft wide.

Where are the entry points for the densest part of the aircraft...the engines?

Some say the hole is from an engine...touche...where is the other hole?

Where is the major shattering of the edges of the hole where the wing roots impacted the building?

But what of the eye witness accounts you might say?

You mean the ones that claim a fully loaded 70 ton 757 passed 30ft over their heads at 400+ knots? You mean those witnesses?

As an experiemnt...go and sit at the end of a runway and watch a large passenger plane land by letting it pass just over your head. Thats cant. And why is that?

Ever felt the buffeting from a passing road train or large truck? Now imagine a large object doing 400+ knots and you'll work out all by yourself that those eye witness accounts are bullshit.

400+ knots is so fast at low level you cant believe it. The wings must have been close to shearing.

Also the image of the explosion indicates to me a high explosive was involved, most likely that of a Tomahawk cruise missile.

Jet fuel burns bright orange. The initial explosion is clearly the white hot gas of a high explosive warhead with the billowing orange of the cruise missiles left over fuel load.

In the Northwoods document, they clearly state they would dress up a drone to look like a passenger plane. I believe they dressed up a cruise missile of some type and left the rest to low level and 400 + knots to finish off the illusion.

The evidence CLEARLY does not indicate a passenger airliner.

The eye witness accounts are badly flawed and eye witnesses are notoriously unreliable.

Oh and lets not forget the intact "nose cone".

Unless 757's are now fitted with DU penetrator nose cones I'd say that came from a cruise missile.

Go to CIA for a good analysis...
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