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the sad truth is that the dumbing-down policies of the education institutions ,along with propaganda news outlets,have been remarkably successful. a very large segment of the population knows little ,if anything,about the constitution of the US and just how far from it the nation has drifted. the vast majority of federal government expenditures and activities are can this be? because the people are so woefully ignorant ,partly due,of course ,to apathy,but mainly because knowledge of how government works and familiarity with founding documents have disappeared .

i was talking to my realtor this week and i said that the federal government had usurped the power given to the states by the constitution and he said to give him an example. i said there is no provision for the dept of education ,that it says any power not expressly given the federal gov belongs to the states and the people ,and that oversight of education is not mentioned in the const.,and he says he doesn't agree.(he is a college graduate)how can you talk to someone like that? you can't convince them there is something wrong,let alone that it's been planned that way or toward what end.

we know about OJ and Britney and who won the super bowl and prince charles is marrying his long-time concubine .there is more in public school history books about marilyn monroe than about george washington ,more about martin luther king than about martin luther.people are fed BS by the schools and BS by the media and it's mostly accidental that any of us ever end up knowing anything at all. most people believe it's the job of government to regulate and control public life.many of these people are college-educated,so try telling them they're misinformed .good luck.

we are a tiny,tiny minority ,people and we don't know for sure what's happening,only that something most definitely is, and we argue over whether the earth is moving or not. even in this dedicated-to-conspiracy forum we cannot reach conclusions.the information is too complex,too well-hidden and mixed with disinformation,so that we can't really figure things out.without a massive,unified movement there will be no stopping this thing we call the New World Order and unity is something i don't see happening.
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