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Default Re: Crucifixion, a trauma based mass mind control

There is a lot of talk abut satan and God, and I wonder... what or who do you think Satan is, and what or who do you think God is? Are they spirits or powers inside of people or are they outside? Or are they people? Have you met them in person? Are they permeating forces that move people to do things? How do we know they exist?

Also, is there a "your truth" and "my truth", or is there truth. Let's say I walk outside and meet my neighbor and he says something and I slap his face. We both go inside our houses and I write down my truth and he writes down his truth, but the fact is - there is only one truth. The words that he said are a matter of truth - whatever was said was said. The slap that I gave him is a matter of truth - whatever was done was done.
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