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Default Re: the dark recesses of quid pro quo

The question is what were they blackmailng America on in the first place, a couple possibilities,
Just who could blackmail the 50,000 pound gorilla called the United States Of America?:-)

1. The intelligence agency of China found out about the plan to blow up the towers, and they knew it was going to be done by those inside the bush administration.
Alex Jones knew too. He did'nt get any favours:-D EVERYBODY in the Intelligence Communities around the world know who did 9-11 before and after.

2.If the Leo Wanta story is correct and 30 odd trillion is owed to them, they could have used this as a possible wedge, and we also gave them the steel to prove to them that China will have free will in their non floating currency, and trade agreements in America.
I am 6ft tall and weigh 110kg. I am an experienced brawler and have abused and threatened my fair share of wannabe gangsters in my part of the woods. If my accountant next door neighbour, lends me $100 and I refuse to give it back...who is left laughing?:-) How will he "enforce" the contract? What threats will he use? Harsh language? If he continues to annoy me with demands for his money I might start a rumour he's a pedophile and beat him up for kicks. Just ask Saddam.

How will China, Japan and Saudi Arabia get their money back from the 50,000 pound gorilla called the US of A? Will the Japanese tie up Manhatton Island to a tug and toe it back to Togo? Will China dig up the Grand Canyon and put it on display in Bejing? Will Saudi demand it's 1 trillion back from investments? Sure says Wall Street...heres 1 trillion dollars in paper money...thanks for all that oil!:-D Saudi can burn that paper cash for warmth when the world sucks their wells dry.

Nobody can "enforce" the contracts on the U.S. Nobody. It can do as it likes. Hav'nt you noticed? So the money system what? They'll just think up another system and carry on. The U.S does'nt need to trade with anyone...EVERYTHING it needs is right their in the ground...iron ore, wheat in the fields, copper, zinc, uranium, industrial capacity, gold, silver etc...

What do you think made the U.S an economic powerhouse? First a huge domestic economy due to the massive immagration of the 1800's on. High tarrifs that kept out foreign competition. Large scale industrialization. Huge natural resource base. Now...the bright sparks tell you that the way to make the U.S great is to send your manufacturing over seas and flood the local economy with imported goods...which no one can buy because no one has a job and no money. But thats the scam...after the economic meltdown you'll ALL have jobs killing people over seas who oppose "Globalization".

The U.S is being "white anted" from within by Internationalist elements of the NWO. Only a fool believes Bush is anything but a Bolshevik revoloutionary posing as a supposed "fascist". What a joke. Do the trains run on time in your neck of the woods? What about unemployment? Hows the economy doing? Are your leaders preventing money outflows like Hitler did? Are they raising tarifs like Hitler did to protect local industry? Are they revitalising the local industrial base with government projects? Are they building large scale infrastructure projects to bring on employment and raise the standard of living for the common man? As you can answer this easily the answer is...n-o.

Bush and Co are doing EVERYTHING they can to destroy the U.S from within.

3.The Chinese had planned to go to the moon, if they did and couldn't find proof that America landed on the moon, our phony history would unravel.
China can dream about the moon anly because the U.S and the U.K provided the high tech to get their. Russia did'nt get to the moon as it was perpetually bankrupt and relied on wheat import handouts to keep afloat plus GIANT high technology giveaways so they could resemble a credible threat - Russia could'nt even make a decent t.v. China lives because the U.S dumps close to 50 billion a month in DIRECT FOREIGN INVESTMENT into that country. When the Zionists bankers on Wall Street and the City Of London have finished playing with China they will pull that investment and China will deflate faster than a popped ballon...just as the Asian "Tiger Economies" did in the 90's.

It's like saying "Al Quida" could destroy America. We all know it's a joke...Al Quida is an invention of the Western Intelligence Community...and so is China from Chairman MAo who trained in France to when Chang Kia Shek (a Christian) had his supplies cut by the CIA to allow Mao to win.

We also have to ask why it is that Bill Clinton gave the Chinese our top secret nuclear missle technology.
So people would shit their pants and demand the government increase their powers to protect peasants from the impending red invasion.:-)

There is also the question of the Panama Canal deal, if you read Confessions of an Economic Hitman, Bechtel, Brown & Root and others were trying to take control of Panama, in the end the CIA jackels killed the beloved Panamanian president, why did these globalist who tried to control the Canal Zone, let the Chinese come in and take possesion of it.
China is an "Owned $ Operated" subsidery of the International Banking Elite. The same ones who own you.:-)
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