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Default Re: NWO The Method Used At The Present time! Marxism or Ultra Capitalist Corp Monopoly Domination!?

I'm not saying Conservatism is humanities answer to all problems, but look at the FACTS, LIBERALISM, SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, has been a udder disaster for the human race. IMO
ALL can be blamed on the "Christian Churches" and the underminers of said whores to worldly power.

First, they sold out to power under the Roman Catholic Church. Like "Gollum" in the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, they holed up in their golden palaces stroking their fine clothes and young boys muttering..."it's mine, all mine". Meanwhile, simple peasants starved and lived in filth looking forward to the after life and paradise but cursing the double scam of being sent to pergatory if they self inflicted a express ticket to said after life. And they say Catholicism is'nt an invention of Talmudic type Rabbi's who were the first lawyers and contract writers?

All through history the so called "conservative establishment" has failed in it's duties to attend to the needs of the common men and women and assist them in Gods wish for the full realization of the Human Beings potential. step the rat bags and malcontents to fill the void.

Throne and alter failed to do what God expected of them...create a world of justice, riotousness and love.

When the Churches drop "secularism" and get OUT IN THE STREETS, we will see young teenagers returning to the pulpit and away from the socialist youth groups. We will see Religion take on more than the limited and binding role of some sort of narcisitic personal salvation and instead spread it's message like a vine on a wooden stake bringing life and love in the here and!

Then the Churches can drop the fake fear of the "New Age" movement. A "movement" that has taken off because the dumb ass theologians in mainstream Christianity missed several of Christs words that a 3 year old can work out..."Yae are Gods!" and "The Kingdom of God is within you". With that in mind the dumb ass theologians can allow the tools of Astrology and Dream Work to be intigrated into Chruch teachings to give tools to the congregation to fully comprehend Christs words..."Yae are Gods!"

Then the infantile movements of Freemasonry, Illuminism and Khabbala with their "hidden/occult" teachings and laughable 'blood oath'/'trousers up' oaths of allegiance can be replaced by Ministers, MINSITERING, like Christ IN THE OPEN IN THE CHURCHES so that the common man can realise eternal life and KNOW that he and she will never die and in fact has been...and ALWAYS will be. At base, they will KNOW God and KNOW God's love and the Churches will have found at last their TRUE role...the saving of souls and the discovery of truth right their deep inside every individual.

Thank you Yeoshua. What a man! What a God!
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