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Default Re: Israeli Zionist Mafia Moving In "Down Under". Oz Military Infiltration?

The enlightened reader on International Zionism may "barf" on reading this. Be warned.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia



Address by the Hon Alexander Downer, MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs, to the 37th Biennial Conference of the Zionist Federation of Australia/ United Israel Appeal, Melbourne, 2 June 1996


Introduction: Australia and Israel - Australia's Commitment

I want to thank the Zionist Federation of Australia and the United Israel Appeal for their invitation to speak today on the topic "Australia, Israel and the Middle East".

I welcome this opportunity to outline the Government's approach to its relations with Israel and with a region which occupies an increasingly important role in terms of Australia's broader strategic and commercial interests.

Relations between Australia and the State of Israel are becoming increasingly important to both countries.

Australia's relations with Israel will be a high priority for this government.

Indeed, on my first day as Foreign Minister, as a visible sign of this Government's and this country's commitment to peace in Israel, I joined with the Jewish Community in the deeply moving memorial service for the victims of the cowardly and abhorrent terrorist bombings which were directed at innocent Israeli civilians in February and March this year...
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