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Default Re: Adolph Hitler schemed to assassinate Theodore Roosevelt, Josef Stalin and Winston Churchill

Is this an example of disinformation? Considering this event would be impossible.
It did cross my mind initially. After all...where's the documentation? Where's the record of Hitlers hissy fit or was it some how deep "under cover"?

I dont know what would be the point of disinformation?

It's not beyond the bounds of reason that Hitler would ponder it just to make himself feel better, but killing them would NOT stop the war one little inch.

Germany did have a presence in Iranearly in the war. After a "successful" ending of the Stalingrad operation...Hitler was supposedly thinking of linking up with Rommel through Iran etc.

In the end I just thought it was interesting. HAv'nt bothered to verify anything. Might...or maybe you can? :-)
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