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Default MADTHUMBS...I Honestly Think You're Either Mad Or Professional Disinfo...

I took a quick look at your magnificent Phd material on "Paul". You dont actually say anything? What is your point? Are you saying because something does'nt add up in your head it is dismissed immediately? are infected with the "reactionary" virus after partaking in "Christianity Lite" in the U.S. Because you are a racist and bigotted American who believes the world ends at an East Coast Casino beach... you forget the other 750+ million Christians who do not worshit Benny Hinn, Greflo Dollar and Jimmy Swaggart.

Give me point by point REFUTATIONS of the Bible. Here. One at a time right here and I will refute them right here. I want the refutations as CLEAR as CRYSTAL.

Eg: PAul is a lying cunt because he says here..."blah blah blah" and then 5 minutes later is killing babies.

Also...i personally consider the Gospels my main theme. Christ did'nt say it then it's up for grabs. MAke sure to give me blow by blow reasons why it is "brainwashing".

I need to make this clear because your arguments are quite frankly shit (because you dont make any) and people dont debate because they fail to see what you are on about.
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