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Default Re: MADTHUMBS...I Honestly Think You're Either Mad Or Professional Disinfo...

MADTHUMBS: I will have to back down. One of my posse is right next to me crunched over in laughter after reading one of your posts. He refuses to debate you.

To be honest, the fact that a you can seriously write what they write and believe you are being objective... I realize nothing of what is put to you will be accepted.

Their is a BIG WIDE WORLD out their brother of VERY smart people who have spent their lives LIVING the Gospel. Experiencing and relating to things you cannot imagine. Benny Hinn and the other hypocrit/conmen are limited mostly to the U.S. You are reacting to a particular U.S phemonema.

I wish you well in the coming End Of Days. Sincerely. :-)
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