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I disagree Bill.

Watch the clip I put on my site.

America has certainly been taken over.

People are waking up. True, overseas more than the U.S but still waking up. Shit, go down to Texas and have the same'll recieve a more positive response.

The backlash against the NWO has begun Down Under.

As for how accurate we are in whats going on...quite accurate actually.

Powers not too hard to understand.

Once the philosophical underpinnings of the NWO are understood it's manifestations become obvious.

A simple perusal of the historical record shows time and again the same old lines and the same old characters.

To be honest they bore me.

I wish they'd come up with some more original scams.

I believe the people will respond not with revoloution but with dropping out. They will form local groups to administer their lives, refuse to buy from corporations, home school, and generally say bye bye to the State.

A good example would be a battered wife leaving her abusive husband. She stops trying to change him and simply no longer gives him her energy.

The change will be grass roots. It will be local.

Take Flouride in the water for example. They wont take it out and they wont enter into a debate. So people simply go out and buy Revers Osmosis units with charcoal filters and do it that way. Recently in West Oz the government complained with all these R/O units the poor kiddies wont be getting their Flouride! Too bad eh?

In the papers down here studies are showing women dont want to work and instead want to stay home with their children, by about %70. Well the feminists have lost that one hav'nt they.

The local churches in Oz have become powerful anti NWO forces.

Things are happening. They're happening in your area too.

Try to seek out like minded people and form a support group in a spirit of fun. Dedicated to changing peoples minds one at a time.

In the end it's normal to get pissed off.

I always try to remember this line...

"They who have put out the peoples eyes reproach them of their blindness".

John Milton 1642

An awful load of energy goes into keeping the people ignorent.

The fact that the U.S is the greatest threat to the Elite means they must expend most of it their.

Take it as a compliment.
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