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Default Re: MADTHUMBS...I Honestly Think You're Either Mad Or Professional Disinfo...

madthumb be careful what you wish for.When the anti christ reveals himself he will do just that .bring all factions together.When that happens will you bow to him?Just a friendly warning from a christion.And i do agree that the churches (not christions)are selling boosh to there members.When you are presented with a consevitive or liberal choice some people think the conservitive choice is the lesser of two evils but they are the same just a differant face.One preaching immorality and the other claiming to be christion.Those with knowledge can see that.Satan is a pretty smart guy and he has had a long time to get to know people and he has had quit a bit of help from the lost souls that think money and power is all there is.Like most churches in america do. when money is your god the devil is your banker.The one eyed man is king in the land of the blind.
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