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Default Re: US Conducted 1054 Nuclear Tests

And after the shots, they went hunting for undiagnosed victims of radiation and fallout.

The "Alien Abduction" cut-out and cover was extremely successful in keeping the medical monitoring programs a secret. And yes, it was standard procedure to use special probes for body orifices in order to measure the level of toxic accumulation = Occam's Razor says this is the best-fit theory and in fact it is documented.

Remember that it takes an extreme amount of energy to break an atom apart - this dense neutron stream produces a series of effects that aren't generally made public. One might say that the combined radiation and EMP pulse feel like a lightning bolt flying through one's head. This alone can sometimes (mercifully) render someone semi-conscious and unable to operate machinery or engage in rational thought. This is one of the reasons that the neutron bomb was proposed: it could kill while leaving the infrastructure intact, presumably to be used by the invading forces.
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