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Default Re: US Conducted 1054 Nuclear Tests

That means an average of about 22 per year. And now the US wants to represent the world outraged because the DPRK conducted one lame test.
Dont get distracted by this side show.:-)

I taped this phone call of the Elite a few days ago between Lord Rothschild and Kissenger...

[LR] "Hello Henry"!

[HK] "Yeeeeessss".

[LR] "Put down that young Asian boy and get on the phone to your Chinese thug contacts to tell that idiot Kim Jong Il to arc up with a nuke test or just pretend to have one".

[HK]" Sighhhhhhh, but this Round Table meeting is the best orgy yet! Cant you send Wolfowitz"?

[LR] "No, he's busy supervising 'Temporary's' new brain chip implant. Now get onto it"!

[HK] "You are firm but fair master. I will leave straight after I receive my new peace prize. Why the rush"?

[LR] Israeli base of operations needs time to train it's pilots on the F-22 Raptors we just sent over. We'll be needing a general distraction till the bombs start falling on Iranian sites. The Iranian response should get the ball rolling. Just contacted Pike and Mazzini via 'Seance' and they are imaptient to get their letters enacted."

[HK] "As you wish my master"...

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