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In Canada this week a nursing home reported 11 deaths due to Influenza, almost all the victims were vaccinated. Following this logic, the line put out is that the vaccine “works best with younger and healthier people”. Building on this, the media recommended that all healthcare workers for the elderly should be vaccinated. If they in turn get sick at some point, then ..well.. whatever…


“Whilst the U.N./W.H.O. plan for a narcotised world population – via water fluoridation – went, to a large degree, down the drain, the vaccination plan – a far more effective straight-jacket – has been a pronounced success.”

The above link documents the smallpox epidemic (and vaccination for it)

The research of a UK organic farmer into pesticide use for warble fly and outbreaks of Mad Cow disease has really been suppressed:

Various nerve toxins in our environment, such as DDT being found with Polio epidemics: Pesticides and Polio Japan and stomach drug

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