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Default "North Korean Crisis" As Scary Puppet Theater. Video Follows...

Funny...saw a GREAT doco on the sudden difference of U.S policy towards N.K once Bushy got in.

Footage of the "White Witch Of The East", Madeline Albright, swanning about with Kim and Co...and it was a LOVE FEST!!!!!!!!!!

Video DownloadVERY FUNNY Video! (Pot calling kettle black though;-)

I mean REAL genuine warmth between the two. I think old Kim is getting the same treatment they gave eater. True, he aint a saint but i believe ZERO they write about him.

In one part they show Allbright being escorted to a HUGE stadium. It is COMPLETELY quiet. VERY dark. They sit here in a box seat and then the lights come on and 40,000 N.Koreans scream hello and do their "board waving" routine. Allbright is visibly taken aback and shocked. How the fuck do you keep 40,000 people silent? In the end they are toasting and it's like old friends...and then the snake crawled into the nest and it was all over once the neo-bolshies came to town.

How does it all work?

I think "Wag The Dog" says it best.

[img align=left][/img][img align=right][/img]

Great pic staring Dustin Hoffman and Robert De'Niro. I'm sure you know it.

Just replace "Albania" with North Korea" and "The Election" with "Israeli Airstrike On Iran".

All this N.K stuff is "puppet theater".

Just to keep us distracted while the IDF fighter pilots are trained up to fly the F-22 Raptor...and then...not to far away...

Here is an extract of the main scenes from "Wag The Dog". 8 meg WMV File at 100kb/ps. File Factory download. Using Sony Vegas 6.

Link To File Factory Download Video

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