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Default Re: An Open Invitation for PEACEFUL DIALOGUE with both SHADOWS.

Shadow and shadow_ have just given plenty of reason why neither have any information worth your time. I cannot entertain a comparison of what happened to you here [on this forum] in terms of people using your identity [assuming you mean shadow_ who is clearly another individual] to why [we the people] should all get the chip. If someone has gained access to your account [Shadow] then you have options to take that up with admin and restore your account with a new password. There is no perspective or thought put into either of your responses to this thread. Your assumptions of this or any other website validating your identity via your implanted chip are baseless... entirely unfounded... and furthermore, you can't possibly be in favor of ALL of your online activity to be monitored and stored in a database attached to your own personal implant identification. You have not spent enough time considering the implications involved here. I urge you to give this further study and consideration.

Truebeliever, let's see if this thread shows up now.
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