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Default Re: Book of Revelations

How in the world do you equate RIGHTWINGERS with this thread?
:roll: Why do you think?? It is not usually leftwingers that read the bible or use it to beat on about NWO!

OzzieCynic I thought you were a Christian, it does'nt matter if your a rightwinger or a leftist like yourself, either way of course the SYSTEM is SATANIC period end of story. :hammer:
Id rather not say on cc what my religion is on cc.It is a personal matter that posters here have no right to know nor do i wish to make esoteric boasts on forum which is not religious anyway.

If i were to make such a proclaimation,posters here will get the wrong idea and trivilise my posts as they think it gives me no place to do hard talking or use swear words which i believe are sometimes necessary, especially when taking head on certain enemies I show no quarter for my enemies and expect none given there is no turning of the cheek from me!.
Needless to say my opinions should speak for themselves through my posts and show you where I am coming from!.8-)
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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