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Default Re: NWO The Method Used At The Present time! Marxism or Ultra Capitalist Corp Monopoly Domination!?

When the Churches drop "secularism" and get OUT IN THE STREETS, we will see young teenagers returning to the pulpit and away from the socialist youth groups. We will see Religion take on more than the limited and binding role of some sort of narcisitic personal salvation and instead spread it's message like a vine on a wooden stake bringing life and love in the here and!
Many churches already do this Tb!.
Religion is subservient to secular government not the other way round in democracy. Only some kind of theocratic state could bring what you wish for.I personally dont see that as being the way to go either!.

The fact is conservatism is dead and buried and only has a place in the post modern world with the Freemasons.Take hard look in any rightwing political party or Liberal or Extreme if you must, join them if you must, and youll find plenty of them I certainly did!.:-?
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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