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Default Re: Things Are Getting Curiouser And Curiouser Down Under

Dont let the retards in suits get you down. Humanity will prevail and I personally refuse to be enslaved by such pathetic retards and common criminals. They make me sick and Satan deserves pity for recruiting such hopeless twits.
Well I have news for you TB playing the petty right winger the men in suits have you right where they want you TB!.

If it wasnt for the thousands of mindless ockers whose only interest is, sex, drugs and sport, we,d have more democracy in this country instead evey beer swelling ocker and his ute do all the authoritarian groundwork big brother needs.
No fuck the petty redneck right rightwingers too, learn to think or die is my message to them :-x
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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