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Default Re: Book of Revelations

bfore this generation passes not one stone will be upon another.And in 70 years the roman army tore that building down stone by stone to get to the gold that was melted by the fire that destroyed the people in it.Even after the army was ordered not to harm the building it was set on fire anyway.And wasnt it prophecied by jesus also that the land would be left barren and nothing would grow? And didnt the romans spred salt on the ground and plowed it under and couse nothing to grow?Pretty cooperative of them to do something that jesus told to his followers wasnt it? ok theres a couple that can easily be provin and have been proven true by the archives of the roman empire of that time barbarian now i would like to hear about the prophecies of other religions that have happened and are happening if you dont mind.Now we all know you have the tounge of the serpent so go ahead lie if it makes you feel more intellegnt.
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