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Default Re: The big question for you all!

Yes it's a little like the French Revoloution where the peasants were supposedly so repressed they simply had to cast off the chains in a bloodbath.

Of course it actually was'nt so bad and most of the shit conditions began after the Illuminst idiots managed to stuff things up.

The past is never as bad as it seemed. Tell me the 20th centuary was not the era of the most misery...EVER?

I believe we will head back to a villiage type structure with locals making local decisions.

Our Master will be God and we will each have to have time to reflect on our purpose for living and being here.

The current economic system does not allow this. Hence God manifests in all sorts of different ways and in all sorts of different behaviours.

Living decently is extremely easy. Dont let the social engineer's and the lovers of 'ims's' tell you any different.

Human beings are well qualified to organise someone to collect the garbage for them.
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