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Default Re: Aussies must Fight.

You have to be joking Howard has always supported Economic Rationalism and it follows that he must support internationalism like the rest of the ultra capitalist right!.
Infact i have an odds on bet that he is a high ranking degree of the UGLA. Tb Your one VERY confused guy!.
No. Howard was "old school" establishment all the way. It was Keating who stuck the knife in...the working mans friend ya know. Howard is anti-U.N and just about every other Internationalist establishment.

I dont think you will find any "pure" political animals these days. They appear in mongrel form at every show.

Howard sat the bar exam and the next day was running for a seat. He is GROOMED. Never worked a day as a lawyer. His wife it is said, was an "arranged" marriage.:-) So, yes. Most likely.
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