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Default Re: Alex Jones, The Biggest LIAR in the World ???

As for Darryl Bradford Smith...

I sent him an e-mail asking what he thought of Makow. I also asked why I NEVER see him bagging Icke...the lizard man. He replied...

Makow? You must be joking, He's a 100% Zionist protector. Come on man
send me a hard question!!
Whatever the truth...Makow is failing miserably. Because of his site I got all the way to the jewish plot. The zionists should ask their "protectors" to stop giving away so much!:-)

I think DBS mistakes a genuine desire to avoid "blood shed" with conscious deceit. Maybe it's brainwashing...i think it is.

I would absolve myself of any jewish links if i was "jewish" (whatever that is). I used to have ties with organised crime...many are nice people...nonetheless they are common criminals doing great harm.

If you want to follow Truth then you have no family ties per'se.
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