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Default Re: George Soros Blames Jews For Anti-Semitism?'!!

Hi John.

If ever there walked upon the Earth a NWO stooge it is George Soros.

Rothschilds right hand man.

He is talking of putting up millions to fund 'democracy' in the U.S.

He is coming out against Bush heavily but in fact has from the beginning.

He is an Arnie supporter.

I've always believed the plan was to get Bush being as incredibly destructive and Religiously unstable as possible. He must also instigate the police state structures which will be kept in place.

Then when everyones had enough in will swoop the secular, NWO, U.N loving pretend Left to save us all.

We'll welcome the fabian socialists with open arms.

And then that will really be our undoing.

At least with Bush running around so obviously insane we know we deal with trouble.

Malaysia's former Prime Minister Mahattir Mahummed said of Soros before kicking him out... [paraphrasing] "When billionair Jews come calling I start to worry".
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