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Default SHOCKING AMERICAN VIDEO: Politican tells Truth about secret societies

SHOCKING AMERICAN VIDEO: Politican tells Truth about secret societies

Here's only a smidge of what American Libertarian candidate Stan Jones
says, "The secret organizations of the world power elite are no longer
secret. They have planned and are now leading us into a one world
communist government."

Please share this jaw dropping video with everyone you know...let's show
the world and the universe that Truth matters on this planet.

For those of you who are not aware that your representatives in
government are having meetings about merging US, Canada and
Mexico....well is there a link you should's quite shocking
because if this is true then our politicans have some MAJOR explaining
as to how and why this doesn't constitute "treason". Since the
newspapers haven't exactly been known as beacons of Truth for many
DECADES already.....please know that our own government reps have had
meetings about deconstructing US, Canada and Mexico......check out the
list and see if YOU recognize any Canadians that may be guilty of
treasonous behaviour. Can you see them in the national headlines overtly
taking steps to destroy national pride so that we'll follow their
not-so-secret plans? If not then you simply are not yet awake. WE
didn't hire THEM to deconstruct us did we? They are pitting brother
against brother, sister against brother, brother against sister, brother
and sister against nature etc....Don't be surprised to see that many
names are familiar to you. tml

PLEASE SHARE THIS INFO as you see fit...know that we need to share it
ourselves...person to person...

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