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Default Re: The Talmud what a Lovely Book!

The word jew first appeared in the bible about 200 years ago. the biblical term for the people you think, are hebrews or isralites.

the star of david is a satanic symbol adopted by those that call them selves jews.

in the gospels and revelation Jesus calls them sons of satan and imposters.

so we don't have to be nazis to hate judaism be cause judaism is non biblical and they are out to get us.

these jews where taught by the pharasees whom jesus many times condemed for their teachings which where contrary to Gods teaching. they favored there own teachings above the bible Jesus called it the book of the elders we know it as the talmud.

the sickness of the talmudic pharisaic philosphy is that it tries to make some one holier with a method devised by them, not to mention its racist genocideic statements.


the old scriptures stated that if a man touched a female who was in menstration it would make him unclean.

so the pharisees went one step further and and issued an ordinance for a man never to be touched by a women and if this happened he would have sinned greatly

so in effect what these pharisees did was makegreater rules and sins that where not in there theology before, plus they stated that the only way was there way, putting Gods way in second place.

these jews mostly of non hebrew dna are in fact decendants of central asian people called the kazars which where converted to judaism by the pharisees living in bagdad (the old babalon)they use the bablon talmud and thats why these people think like they think

all in all i think we should pity them but not at the cost of exposing ourselves to there vilness.

as a Christian we must not hate them as difficult as this can be and must understand that within them lies what the bible calls "the remanent of israel" who will become the Lords people once again and be a blessing to all humanity.

you have to understand something else that these original hebrews where used by God to wipe the land of demonic human servers but unfourtunantly the succumbed and became demon servers them selves.

but God is merciuful and patient and those among them of the true blood will come back to God

Fear them not therefore: for there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known.\" Mt 10:26
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