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Default Re: Alex Jones, The Biggest LIAR in the World ???

madthumbs wrote:

I think it's a grave mistake to involve Christians (who are a denomination of Judaism)so heavily. Wether Jews are Israelites or not; the belief in a chosen race and an inherited land would still stand.

If Daryl or Eric were Christians themselves; why wouldn't they make it more obvious? Why are you forced to speculate?
No offense to you guys M.thumbs, but If I want well documented, and reliable ZIONIST information, I go

Can you please explain to me (without getting into a long winded "theory") why you single out Christianity as the apparent cause of all the world's problems? I hope I'm not coming off as disrespectful, I'm simply trying to understand your hatred toward Christians. I find it somewhat odd that you never mention Islam or Hinduism in any shape or form, only Christianity, is there a reason for this? Thx. :-)

I think we can all agree, the Zionist are a bunch of CUT THROAT MURDERERS. However I fail to see how you equate Christians with their movement. the vast magority of Christianity rejects the Zionist Movement and Blood for Israel. It's true the PHONY CHRISTIANS you see paraded day and night on the tube are nothing more than Zionest Stooges, but that's no reason to say ALL Christians follow their Satanic Madness. IMO :-o
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