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Default Re: Crucifixion, a trauma based mass mind control

Peace konock2u,

Satan is everything evil on earth, he is a separate invisible entity made of smokless fire, he is arrogant, proud and determined to destroy the human being, by first enslaving him through sinful lusts, fear and desire.

God is everything good, God is a superhuman entity that is separate from His creation, yet He knows everything and controls everyone that exists on earth and in the universe.

He is the Lord of the east and the west and everything between them,

the Lord of the heavens and the earth,

He is the One who created you from nothing, He is the One who stabilizes the whole universe in its place, without His support everything will just vanish.

He is your Lord and the Lord of your ancestors, He controls every single happening in your life.

Nothing happens at random, there is a plan, there is order therefore God exists.
God\'s alternative, USN

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