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Default Re: Interesting building

Google Earth is endlessly fascinating. I think I've covered all the military bases, both well known and still unknown and have found many an oddity without necessarily looking for them. My personal favorite is the view of DC from above [there's a pentagram in India as well], the Vatican, and Versailles.

Here's a picture to do this thread some justice;

and hmm, speaking of the [red shield] Rothchild's...

Ever hear of the Opus One Winery in Napa Valley?

Opus One

Tell me that isn't the largest pyramidal masonic square/compass symbol you've ever seen!

This place tells many tales. I won't bother to relay my own investigation to you but I will tell you that the name, the location, the architecture, the emblem... the history... everything about this place will be of interest to most of you.

Official Opus One Website
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