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Default Re: Fair warning if you ever find yourself going into court to defend yourself

Common knowledge I would think. I'm curious as to what prompted you to post this but I just wanted to add that a "public defender" will have far more friends in the system than he/she would as clients. There are some good defenders out there but unless you have the money to hire a lawyer who will actually fight for your rights, you are better off sparing your wallet and emotions and just moving on. If you consider middle-class America to make up the majority of citizens, consider for a moment that it is easy to financially overqualify in order to be allowed to get a public defender and at the same time easy to be underqualified to cover the cost of a good lawyer. Any financial settlement in your favor might as well be signed right over to the lawyer. Justice in the true sense perhaps in another life... not sure about this one.

Now it's time to make possible enemies... =\

At the risk of sounding like a total jerk, imagine for a moment if you would, what this forum would be like if we ALL started as many threads as you routinely do. Some of your posts contain information that some here might be interested in, but this one is just plain OUT THERE. I recommend setting up an account on Blogspot or something to record all of these things for your own purposes. It is difficult to tell if you're posting for us or for yourself. If we all posted as you do, the search function alone would be rendered immediately useless. Other threads that are in some cases up to thirty pages of comments are pushed down and off the top page for THIS reason..

Please do not take this as a personal attack of any kind. I am merely pointing out that this community is not unlike a real one. We need to get to know our neighbors and try to keep the neighborhood clean. This all starts for me in my own yard.

Before I post *anything* I perform a search to see if there is already information on a given topic. I ask the results to match exactly to be certain. Ideally, I could add my new comment to an old thread of the same topic and perhaps bring a good old thread back to life. I also ask myself if the information would be of interest to anyone other than myself... and if I don't think at least two people will bother to respond or comment, I won't post it. There is the occasional post it no matter what if something excites me enough. There are no rules when it comes to internet communications but it is possible to type a lot and still say nothing.

Always interesting to me the subtle distinction in personality for example when comparing posts from someone who actively comments on the topics started by others and someone who *only* starts threads, rarely commenting on threads they didn't initiate. Once you get to know people a little, and you've been doing this internet communications long enough, you can get a true virtual sense of a person.

I will try not to be overly judgmental. Am I lacking in my personal life to the point of responding with thirty paragraphs on nothing to someone I don't even really know? No, I don't think so. I'm not actually on here that much. I just tend to haunt this place when the mood strikes me. I say all of this because I happen to care about some of the contributions people have left here and continue to leave here. Admittedly, this is coming from a rather selfish motivation on my part but... having spoken to noone else on this topic, I am rather confident I speak for more than myself and I'm not saying all of this to you alone.

Something to maybe think about is all...

Are the contents of this thread worthy of possibly pushing an existing thread of thirty pages off to the second page and out of sight? Probably not.

As a fellow regular here I'm sure you can appreciate why I'm bothering to say these things.

Keep talking. :-D
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